Challenge: Geography-specific, vertically-integrated collection of health and social determinant data/Valley Vision

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Use case summary

Title: Valley Vission's CHNA (Community Health Needs Assessment)


The purpose of a Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) is to: Describe the health status of the community served by a hospital facility; Identify significant health issues that exist within the community and the factors that contribute to those health issues; Determine priority areas and actions for health improvement; and Identify potential resources that can be leveraged to improve community health


  • Value to Vision Valley: ___
  • Broader value to public: ___


  • Valley Vision 2016 Community Health Needs Assessments
    • Working with Dignity, Kaiser, UC Davis, Sutter - in Sac, Yolo, El Dorado, Placer, Nevada counties as well as the Solano County Health Coalition. Currently collecting primary data for 15 reports and analyzing secondary data from OSHPD, California Cancer Registry, CDPH.

Current data and limitation

  • Data source: ___
    • How it's used: ___
    • Limitations: ___


  • Fields: _______
  • Update frequency: _______
  • Joins between datasets: _______
  • Lag time: _______
  • History: _______
  • Delivery mechanism: _______