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Getting started

Please follow these steps to get your Use Case worked on

  1. Make sure there's not already a Use Case that you can add to by searching...
    1., where use cases are marked with "#DDOD Use Case"
    2. Use Cases specified in this wiki.

  2. Start by entering your Use cases into Github issues:
    • This "issue" will go through all of the predefined stages of the DDOD process. They are linked to related wiki entries, which have specifications and solutions.

  3. Create a new entry in this wiki for use case requirements
    • Ultimately, solutions get entered here as well.
    • Be sure to use the boilerplate template
      Use the boilerplate template for new use cases

How DDOD Works

Ready to get started? Learn how...

This document is intended for data users to understand what DDOD can do for them and how it works. A data user could include anyone in industry, academia, nonprofits, media, or even other government organizations who could benefit from DDOD. It also explains how DDOD fits into the "landscape" of tools previously available, such as challenges, hackathons, FOIA requests and regulatory process.

Intro to Demand-Driven Open Data for Data Users