Use Case 17: Use cases from Matter health tech incubator

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Use case summary


  • This is a place holder for use cases that will come from Matter, the health tech incubator in Chicago

Use cases listed in email from Richard Ferrans on 2/5/2015:

  1. Custom data sets that could help them understand the impact of their product service in value based models for MSSP tracks, MA, Duals, and different Medicaid segments.
  2. Episode modeling/designing
  3. HCAHPS data and disparate quality data sets and their interrelationships
  4. AHRQ data and other federal data to model interesting problems or novel solutions.
  5. ONC data on MU stage and systems to help better design ACOs/ Value based networks
  6. Referral leakage and imapct- trying to model e-referral ROI
  7. Part D spending and price transparency for clinically equivalent lower cost therapeutic alternatives.


  • Value to customer: ___
  • Value to industry/public: ___


  • Richard Ferrans at Matter

Current data and limitation

  • Data source: ___
    • How it's used: ___
    • Limitations: ___


  • Fields: _______
  • Update frequency: _______
  • Joins between datasets: _______
  • Lag time: _______
  • History: _______
  • Delivery mechanism: _______


Short term workaround

  • ___

Long term implementation

  • ___