Use Case 45: Formatting on structured product labels

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Use case summary

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  • OpenFDA API response is missing HTML formatting markers, such as line breaks
  • OpenFDA API response sometimes merges together versions of the "Indications and Usage" section from the "Highlights of Prescribing Information" and the "Full Prescribing Information" sections


  • Value to customer: HTML formatting markers would increase readability of openFDA API response
  • Value to industry/public: ___


  • rxData

Current data and limitation

  • Data source: openFDA Label API
    • How it's used: ___
    • Limitations: ___

Current status of Open FDA

Human readable formatting

  • Human readable HTML formatting on labels is embedded in the XML files available for download.
  • The SPL Implementation Guide describes the formatting included as...
"The human readable text content of SPL documents is contained within the <text> element. The actual content is contained within a <paragraph>, <table>, and/or <list>. If a section consists only of nested sections, the <text> tag is not included. Elements that can be used within the <text> element to capture the human readable content of SPL include paragraphs (<paragraph>), lists (<list>), tables (<table>) and images (<renderMultimedia>). Elements permitted as children of the <text> element, used as children of the <paragraph> element or within <table> and <list> include superscripts (<sup>), subscripts (<sub>), links (<linkHtml>), line breaks (<br>), footnotes (<footnote>), footnote references (<footnoteRef>). Images may be included in the content of labeling using the <renderMultiMedia> tag. This tag may be used as a direct child of <text> for ‘block’ images or as a child of <paragraph> for inline images."


  • Fields: _______
  • Update frequency: _______
  • Joins between datasets: _______
  • Lag time: _______
  • History: _______
  • Delivery mechanism: _______


Short term workaround

Long term implementation

Human readable formatting

Human readable HTML formatting on labels:

  • As of 6/25/2015, there's not estimated commitment date yet.