Use Case 57: Dupuytren disease impact query

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Use case summary


  • Need to get statistics on the details of Dupuytren contracture care.


  • Value to industry/public: Dupuytren disease is a common senior condition, but the health care burden cannot be assessed without diagnosis-tagged data. Current treatments are of limited value. Research funding requires data on Dupuytren disease impact in terms of need for care, care provided and cost of care. Large-scale research is needed to identify Dupuytren biomarkers and move treatment options from damage control to prevention


  • Dupuytren Foundation

Current data and limitation

  • Data source: Medicare PUF for 2014
    • Limitations: Medicare data is available for 2014, but does not include diagnosis codes. (2014 Dupuytren ICD is 728.6). Dupuytren disease is a chronic progressive disease but Dupuytren disease isn't in the MEPS "selected conditions" list. HCUPnet data relates to inpatient and emergency care, neither of which apply to this disorder, typically treated in an office or outpatient setting and requiring prolonged outpatient hand therapy after treatment. Some procedures such as amputation are used for Dupuytren disease but also are used for other conditions. Meaningful data requires diagnosis-procedure data pairs.


  • annual data on all Medicare provider claims for Dupuytren disease: ICD-9-CM Diagnosis Code 728.6 (prior to 30 Sept 2015) or ICD-10-CM Diagnosis Code M72.0 (on or after 1 Oct 2015)


(In progress)