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This wiki contains the detailed specifications and solutions for each of the DDOD use cases, initially entered as Github Issues ( It's intended to be modified by the community as needed.

Navitagion: Each use case is tagged with organizational and subject categories to which it belongs. A use case could fall into one or many organizations and subjects.

List of Use Cases

Use cases with specifications and solutions that are cataloged in this wiki knowledge base.

In the works

Items which need to be documented in the knowledge base outside of typical use cases go here. This includes proposed concepts, working groups, and needs that don't have an official requestor (aka, customer).

Progress on Use Cases

The "Value Delivered" is a category assigned to a use case that describes the type of artifacts and solutions that have been delivered to benefit the user community. A use case typically has multiple value categories associated with it, since it benefits users in different ways. Even the documentation of the use case itself has benefit, as it describes a specific situation for which requested datasets can be used.

Here's the tally of the value delivered so far in DDOD's portfolio of use cases

Relationship among entity types

DDOD started with the concept of the "Use Cases", as a specific, measurable and achievable project with well-defined users and value. However, there are also "Concepts" which are requests from users and observations that are not yet defined narrowly enough to be a Use Case. The goal is that while these are not use cases, it's useful to document them, such that they could grown into use cases. "Challenges" have a similar lifecycle. They refer to big concepts with long time horizons for the purpose of stimulating users to define use cases that they otherwise wouldn't attempt.

Finally, there are the "Standards". In the course of working on use cases, the need for interoperability and related specifications emerge. So use cases can drive definition of standards and standards can influence the specifications of use cases.