Why a Wiki

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The Demand-Drive Open Data (DDOD) website has been converted into a wiki in order to meet its mission. It's been determined that the knowledge base associated with DDOD Use Cases has a lot of value in itself. The wiki format is optimal to enable full community participation and governance -- in this case Data Users, Data Owners and DDOD Admins.

Specifically, the benefits are:

  • MediaWiki is the most popular and widely know wiki platform. It's has many extensions to optimize the site for DDOD needs.
  • Editing articles is easy, with a simple editor and ability to embed imaging. It's also possible to use pure HTML for copy and paste from other locations, as well as fine-grained format control.
  • It's easy to upload data files and other documentation.
  • There's full visibility of who made what changes. It's easy to compare between any version of a page.
  • Storage of articles, categories and other artifacts is highly structured, along with an API to interact with them.